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Chapter 1

I forgot how I found this, but I watched it a while ago without looking for a description and it really made it very enjoyable. I'd say just watch it.
Posted by russell august at 11:57 PM Mar 7

I've searched and searched this website, and I can't find a summary or description of what this series is about. I don't even see a genre classification. Is it a drama, comedy, dark comedy, sci-fi, action, thriller or what?
Posted by Privlidge at 5:52 AM May 31

Love it!
Posted by O'Lee at 4:32 AM Jan 12

me too, just watched the whole thing. thank you, Joe
Posted by charla at 5:54 PM Nov 6

Wow - Wow - Wow. I just sat and watched the whole thing. Amazing work! LOVED IT!!!
Posted by Omar Hani at 12:36 AM Nov 4

contact seth and joe. they're interested in developing new series.
Posted by big mama at 6:49 PM Jul 22

Really nice work guys. Kudos.
Posted by Kaiser at 3:54 AM Jul 13

Cheer Good work!! Highly the continuation !

Montreal Montréal

Bravo Bon travail !! Vivement la suite !
Posted by Montréal Montreal at 3:01 PM Oct 3

Wow, amazing series! I recommend people watch it all the way through in one sitting - it makes it so much fun, because then it's like watching an actual movie. It kept getting more and more intense as I went through. Awesome ending, too!

Great job, guys!
Posted by MarkMeOff at 11:31 AM Sep 29

I enjoyed the series tremendously. If you guys are ever in Los Angeles/Hollywood, hit me up!
twitter: eligiofonsecajr
Posted by efj at 3:02 AM May 14

Love the series and love the site
Posted by dude at 12:40 AM Mar 24

i have lovve for you boys make me proud.....
Posted by coolbubybrina at 12:18 PM Mar 13

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